Spend Viz is software designed for higher education.  Over the years we have worked closely with the administration from U.S. colleges and universities to tailor our software to the specific needs of higher education.  Colleges and universities unknowingly waste millions of dollars each year because they do not have a clear view of their spending.  Schools utilizing spend analysis software specifically written for higher education become economically efficient without sacrificing jobs or compromising standards. 

Spend Viz also offers a solution to users frustrated with the limitations of the Kuali Financial System.  Quick and easy reporting is possible on KFS data with the Spend Viz KFS Interface.  A Spend Viz subscription is not required in order to subscribe to our standalone Kuali add on. 

Spend Viz and the Kuali Interface are each offered as Software as a Service with an annual subscription.  We keep our price point far lower than the competition and, unlike our competition, Spend Viz is tailored entirely to meet the needs of higher education.

Our mission at Spend Viz is to help institutions realize savings without making sacrifices.  Do not leave large sums of money on the negotiating table.  Spend Viz provides school administrators with a clear view of all spending and is already proving itself with substantial annual savings in higher education.  Cornell University has accumulated over $109 million in savings through their use of Spend Viz. 

Please contact us for more information on how your university can begin saving with Spend Viz.

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   Software tailored for higher education:  

Spend Viz

    Spend Analysis Reports

    Customer Relationship Management

    Contract Management

KFS Interface 


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