New "Find a Supplier" feature in Spend Viz speeds ordering

April 27, 2012 - Supply Management (purchasing)



Cornell’s spend analysis tool, Spend Viz, has been enhanced to include an easy-to-use Find a Supplier feature, which is available to all faculty, staff members, and students. Find a Supplier will help you get your projects moving faster by letting you search from over 20,000 vendors already in the finance system. Using existing vendors will not only prevent potential delays involved with setting up new vendors, but also will provide savings in many cases, because contracts already exist for many of these suppliers.

To find an existing Cornell vendor, type in a keyword or commodity code number. The database is very detailed, so you can use specific adjectives as keywords. For example, instead of “copy paper” type “colored copy paper.”  Instead of “translation services,” use “French translation services.”

The search results will be displayed in two grids. One grid displays purchase order vendors who have provided the items matching the key word search, and the other grid identifies vendors who have provided items that match the commodity code description. More information is available by clicking Select from the far-left column on either grid.



  Increase your

  purchasing power

  while spending less



  Achieve visibility

  and classification

  for all spending  

  across campus


  Realize savings

  without compromising

  the student experience


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